The Dallas Conservatory's Year-End Recital


Sunday, May 14, 2023
Grapevine Faith Christian School
729 E Dallas Rd., Grapevine, TX

We are excited to announce our 2023 Spring Recital: Sunday with Mom This show is our inaugural event at the new location and will be a wonderful time to celebrate mom’s special day. Mark your calendars!

We will hold one show at 3:30 pm. Enjoy the culmination of your dancers’ hard work this year!  Special surprises for moms, food trucks, and vendor booths awaits! 

Our show is open to the public with reserved seating for Castle Hills families. Special guests from the music academy will join us in the performance to make this a memorable arts filled experience for all! 

All of the links to order flowers, pictures, videos, brag boards, volunteer opportunities, etc will be sent in an email via a google doc to all of our CH families.

As always, we look forward to a wonderful spring recital to cap off our first year of dancing at TDC, Castle Hills.

If you have any questions, email [email protected].

Show Day:
Our spring recital is Sunday, May 14th, at Grapevine Faith Christian School. You will drop off your dancer at the studio 30 minutes prior to showtime. TDC faculty, staff, and parent volunteers will take the class to the stage when it’s time. Please arrive in full hair, make-up, with costume already on! There is a formal dressing room located near the stage for costume changing if your dancer has more than one dance.  After the class performs, you will pick up your dancer to the right of the stage, under the awnings. We encourage everyone to stay through the entire show as it will not be too long and it is nice to have the support for all of the dancers!

We can’t pull off a show of this scale without your help! We need 1 parent volunteer for each class to help things run smoothly. Being a parent volunteer couldn’t be easier! Your responsibilities are: waiting with the class until they perform, walking the class to the stage, helping change their shoes, and then waiting with the class after they perform until everyone has been picked up.  You will still be able to watch your own child dance if you volunteer. If you are interested in being your class’ volunteer, please fill in your name next to your class listing on the forthcoming google form.

Celebrate your dancer! Beautiful bouquets may be ordered through the google form and picked up on the day of the show at the venue. The last day to pre-order bouquets is April 30th, 2023 so please don’t wait!

We had the students try on costumes in classes over the past month and all will be distributed the week of April 24th. Please don’t allow your child to wear it around the home until after the recital. There is no time to order a new one if it gets ripped or stained, so the costume will need to stay in the bag or on a hanger until showtime.  All families will receive a costume sheet detailing hair, makeup and shoes later with their costumes. Accessories will be added at the show prior to performance.

**NEW** Air Time Ads and Brag Boards:
We are so excited to be offering “radio ads” to our families to celebrate your performer!  You may record a special message to be played “on the radio” as performers are entering the stage getting ready for their performance! Don’t miss this opportunity to make your dancer feel special! We will also have “Brag Boards” which is a wonderful opportunity to “brag” about your dancer. These will be mounted on foam board and displayed at the recital and you will be able to take them home. Cost is $25 per “brag” and can be ordered online by April 30th

Pictures and Video:
We will have a video and photo package available for purchase for this year’s show.  The sign-up sheet and pricing details to come.  We will have a photographer set up prior to and after the show at the studio for optional still shots.