Pre-Professional Division


For talented and serious students of the performing arts ages 8-18, TDC offers world-class training and performance opportunities to prepare for a possible professional career.

Students are selected by audition for their professional potential and mental readiness to embark on the vigorous training required to turn their passion into a profession. Auditions are held three times annually.



Dance students must train for 7-15+ weekly hours.

Required classes: (2-5) ballet, (1) modern and/or contemporary, (1) jazz, and electives to equal minimum hours for age.

Electives include: Hip Hop, Broadway Dance, Acro, Tap, and Singing + Acting.

Weekly training minimums:

7-12 yrs old: 7-12 hrs

13-18 yrs old: 15-20 hrs

Off-campus PE is available.

Students may request to follow a Concert or Commercial track. Please inquire.



Students must train for 7 weekly hours minimum, up to 20 hours proportionate to age.

Required classes include:

  • Acting
  • Acting Company
  • Singing
  • Singing Ensemble
  • Ballet, Broadway Dance, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballroom, Acro, Tap

More hours are recommended in private voice. As much group dance/acro should be taken as possible.



The Dallas Conservatory teaches all styles of music and vocal technique, from classical to Broadway to pop. The pre-professional program takes each individual’s strengths and goals into account, and recommends a personalized program of study to include private lessons and group lessons in their discipline, and in complementary disciplines. For ex; classical singers will learn to act and move.

Students may continue to work with their current private teacher(s).


We invite all pre-professional candidates to meet with us today! Attend our next audition, send in a digital audition, or request a private appointment free of charge!

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