Parents are raving about The Dallas Conservatory!

  • “Jacqueline Porter is the best of the best in Dallas pre-professional training and coaching! She has created a consistent atmosphere of goals and expectations that lead to success.  Her leveling system and personalized plan for each child allows both the dancer and the parents to understand the steps needed for their child to reach their potential.  In 2015 she added The Dallas Conservatory Academics, and it has truly catapulted my dancer’s commitment and quality of life.  Her grades are higher than they have ever been, and her training is more focused then ever!  I can't recommend Jacqueline enough!”


    Brandon and Megan Kleiman, Parents of 2015 YAGP Hope Award Winner, Kali Kleiman
  • “Our daughter started dancing more seriously with The Dallas Conservatory and Jacqueline Porter two years ago. The progress she has made has been extraordinary. Jacqueline and her excellent team of dance professionals are incredibly focused on our young dancer achieving, but what has been an incredible added bonus are the life lessons our daughter is learning along the way about hard work, persistence, attitude, success, failure, and teamwork. Our daughter takes great pride in being a part of TDC, and it is very evident that Jacqueline and her team take great pride in their dancers and helping them reach their potential…both on and off stage.”

    Dawne Tribolet
  • “The training my daughter is receiving at TDC is, without question, the very best anywhere!  She is excited to go to class every night and has grown immeasurably this year. Ellie has the utmost respect for Jacqueline and strives to be the strongest dancer she can be. Jacqueline is driven and focused on the individual needs of each student and challenges them to live up to their potential. Thank you for making these sometimes bumpy teenage years so enjoyable!” 

    Kristi Kay Estes
  • “Thank You Jacqueline for your hard work, love and dedication to our children.  We are forever grateful to TDC Academics.  The program has been such a blessing to our family.  Eden is rested and happier.  It is so nice not to come home late at night to homework.  I am able to spend quality time with my daughter and know she is getting an exceptional education.  We love Destine and the love that she has for all the kids!  iUniversity Prep is outstanding.”  

    Roberta and James Ryder Parents of multi-YAGP-award winning Eden Ryder
  • “We are so honored to be part of such an amazing studio. From the minute we walked in we have been welcomed into a "dance family." Dani has grown leaps and bounds and we are so excited to see what the future holds.  Thank you Miss J for all you do. You are an inspiration to all who have the honor of knowing you. You are truly one in a million. Thank you for providing a safe, positive, loving, motivating dance environment.”    

    Karen Van Creveld
  • “Thank you Ms. J for all you do for Julie. You have given her confidence, determination and so much more. You have made such a positive impact on her life. There are no words to thank you enough!!”

    R. Shilling
  • "The TDC Academic program has allowed my daughter to excel in her private classical ballet training without sacrificing her academic potential.  We have been so pleased with the level of academics and the support of the Director of Education in making sure that she is on track to succeed in the program.   Transferring our daughter from one of the highest performing magnet schools in the state was a big risk for us, but the seamless integration into the same Pre AP classes and the ability to work ahead at her own pace has made a huge difference in her ability to train at the highest level in ballet.”

    Cheri Colter
  • “Ms. Jacqueline guided my daughter, Madeleine Chen from young novice to award winning! Thanks to Ms Jacqueline, at the age of 9, my daughter placed in the YAGP Dallas Contemporary Pre-Competitive Top 12. She has made amazing advancements in her dance skills in just two and a half years under the tutelage of Ms Jacqueline! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate Ms Jacqueline's tremendous efforts, hard-work and dedication.  Ms Jacqueline’s passion and perfectionism for dance have influenced my daughter not only in developing her ballet skills, but also in cultivating a love for dance.  I am sure this will positively impact her life for many years ahead.”

    Dr. Linda Hou
  • "We are totally blown away with our daughters’ training at TDC. We cannot believe the change in just a few short months.  Seriously Wow! I know that this much improvement in such a short time is extremely rare (and unique to the training program at TDC) and we owe it to TDC.  They are ROCKSTARS and we are so thankful to be part of the The Dallas Conservatory family."

    Damion and Katoiya Bell, Parents of 2016 YAGP Hope Award Winner, Olivia Bell
  • Jacqueline's attention to detail and the ability to push Madyson to her fullest potential is why we train at TDC. She motivates, cultivates, and facilitates excellence in all her dancers.  Madyson's dreams are Jacqueline's too and there is no better feeling than knowing your child is loved and supported every day!” 

    Destine and John Grobe Parents of 2017 Hope Award Winner and professional model Madyson Grobe
  • "We were reflecting on Caroline’s last few months at TDC and TDCA at a family dinner last night and how beautiful the transition, both in school and studio, has been.  I wanted to pass along our sincere gratitude for this opportunity for Caroline to train and to go to school.  She is beyond thrilled with her academic environment, Destine’ and her new classmates and she is motivated and honored to dance among such amazing new friends! Thank you, as well, for your time and instruction during her privates with you, your classes and the classes with your fabulous faculty. She is so inspired to work hard and grow!  Thank you, again, for all you do for Caroline and for all of your students."

    Courtney Love
  • "Thank you we appreciate your time. I also wanted to tell you how much Lauren loves this environment. She has a new appreciation for not only dance but school. Thanks for making school fun and exciting for her and for being such a beautiful person. Lauren just loves you and all the girls. The thing she notices the most is how nice everyone is. As a parent I think that’s one of the best qualities a group can have so great job in preparing these lovely dancers to be wonderful people. ♥️"

    Sandra Devaul

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