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The Dallas Conservatory's Year-End Recital


Saturday, May 13, 2023

at The Nack Theater

We are excited to announce our 2023 Spring Recital: Dancin’ on Air!  This show featuring music you hear while flipping through the radio will have students and audience members dancing all day long. Mark your calendars!

We will hold four shows Saturday at 9:30AM, 11AM, 12:30 PM, and 3 PM. Experience the nostalgia of the Nack Theater while watching the culmination of your dancers’ hard work this year!  We will celebrate the dancers just after the show with refreshments in the courtyard. 

Tickets will be $20 a person for one show, with free entry for ages 5 and under sitting on an adult’s lap. Performers do not need a ticket; they will be dropped off and stay with their friends and teachers backstage during the show. 

As always, we look forward to a wonderful spring recital to cap off our year of dancing at TDC. If you have any questions, email Meganw@thedallasconservatory.org.

Show Days:
Our spring recital is Saturday, May 13, 2023, at The Nack Theater: 6711 Oak St. in Frisco. You will drop off your dancer at the designated drop-off table outside the venue 30 minutes prior to showtime. TDC faculty, staff, and parent volunteers will take the class to the stage when it’s time. Please arrive in full hair, make-up, with costume already on! There is a formal dressing room for costume changing if your dancer has more than one dance.  After the class performs, you will pick up your dancer outside in the tent they were dropped off in. If you purchased a ticket to the show, you are welcome to stay, your dancer will be dismissed when the entire show has finished.  We hope you stay and enjoy our refreshments in the courtyard outside the theater!!  

Which Show IS My Dancer Performing In?: Frisco Recital 2023

There are two separate recital shows, and tickets are $20 per show.  Those attending the performances will need to purchase a ticket to each show separately. Those without tickets will not be allowed into the theater. Parents volunteering to help backstage will receive free admission to the event!! 

Saturday, May 13th

We can’t pull off a show of this scale without your help! We need 1 parent volunteer for each class to help things run smoothly. Being a parent volunteer couldn’t be easier! Your responsibilities are: waiting with the class until they perform, walking the class to the stage, helping change their shoes, and then waiting with the class after they perform until everyone has been picked up.  You will still be able to watch your own child dance if you volunteer. If you are interested in being your class’ volunteer, please fill in your name next to your class listing:

 Parent Volunteer Sign-Up Recital 2023

Celebrate your dancer! Beautiful bouquets from Fleurs & Events may be ordered through this form and picked up on the day of the show at the venue. To order, please fill out the Recital 2023 Bouquet Order Form. The last day to pre-order bouquets is April 28th, 2023 so please don’t wait!

We had the students try on and then distributed costumes in classes over the past month, so all recital participants should have their costumes. Please don’t allow your child to wear it around the home until after the recital. There is no time to order a new one if it gets ripped or stained, so the costume will need to stay in the bag or on a hanger until showtime. If your dancer has not received their costume and you did not opt out of the recital, please email susank@thedallasconservatory.org right away.  All families will receive a costume sheet detailing hair, makeup and shoes later this week via email.  

**NEW** Air Time Ads!:
We are so excited to be offering “radio ads” to our families to celebrate your performer!  You may record a special message to be played “on the radio” as performers are entering the stage getting ready for their performance! Don’t miss this opportunity to make your dancer feel special! 

We are partnering with KO Dance Photography for our FRISCO show this year. Check Ken Osadon out on instagram @kodancephotography we could not be more excited!!  Ken will be set up at our Frisco studio on the day of the recital.  You may opt into taking photos before or after your show. The sign-up sheet and pricing details can be found HERE

Dress Rehearsal:
Your dancer will have the opportunity to practice their dance the day before the show, onstage at The Nack! This is a mandatory rehearsal, your teacher will walk you through all the details of what will happen the next day. Your dress rehearsal time slot can be found HERE under the dress rehearsal tab.  Dancers should come with their hair done and in costume, no makeup is necessary for the rehearsal.  Parents will check in their dancers at the check-in tent, the dancers will be led to the stage while parents wait outside or in their cars during the 10 minutes of stage practice.  When finished, dancers will be released back to a parent out the front door of The Nack and excused to rest up for the big show!!