Lois Leftwich


Private Singing Technique; Private Contemporary Singing Technique; Music Director, Singing Ensembles

WT Greer has captured the hearts of listeners from San Diego to the White House, Europe to Africa, and Australia to Asia. Oprah Winfrey has said, “If I could imagine the ocean with a voice, it would be the voice of WT Greer.” WT’s music is played around the world, and his voice is heard in almost every time zone. He has sung for five of our nations’ Presidents and First Ladies. His name has become synonymous with elegance and romance, and he has been hailed as the Nat King Cole of the new generation.

Commercially, WT has been the voice for Cadillac, WABC NY, KABC LA, 7-Eleven, McDonald’s, Churches, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Long John Silvers among numerous others. He is a regular guest on Good Morning Texas with 20+ performances, and national television appearances include TNN’s Prime Time Country and Music City Tonight. It was as a guest entertainer for the two week Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo Company Cruise that WT had the rare opportunity to perform privately for the TV icon herself.

For the past 15 Years WT has been hired not only to perform, but also to write music to help corporate organizations externally promote their companies, while at the same time boosting internal company spirit. His writing has inspired the growth of network marketing companies such as Amway, Creative Memories, Home Interiors, BeautiControl, and many others.

WT’s music has helped raise tens of millions of dollars for an impressive list of national charities. For the Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation, he is one of the writers of the nationally successful ‘Sing For the Cure’project for their “Embrace the Dream” theme. Locally, St. Jude Children’s hospital was a beneficiary of one of WT’s original songs. Greer is most proud to be the writer and producer of “If You Listen You Will Hear”, the international theme song for ‘Free the Slaves’, a Washington, D.C. non-profit dedicated to eradicating modern slavery around the world.

WT recently made his film debut with his daughter, Madison Greer, in the Gary Cogill/Austin Wright film it’s amazing what can happen over dinner. WT has also been teaching singing and contemporary vocal technique for over a decade.

He would like to make public the awareness that there are 27 million slaves in the world today. “If you listen, you will hear, and you will want to help.”