TDCA Testimonials

Parents are raving about The Dallas Conservatory Academics!

  • "We were reflecting on Caroline’s last few months at TDC and TDCA at a family dinner last night and how beautiful the transition, both in school and studio, has been.  I wanted to pass along our sincere gratitude for this opportunity for Caroline to train and to go to school.  She is beyond thrilled with her academic environment, Destine’ and her new classmates and she is motivated and honored to dance among such amazing new friends! Thank you, as well, for your time and instruction during her privates with you, your classes and the classes with your fabulous faculty. She is so inspired to work hard and grow!  Thank you, again, for all you do for Caroline and for all of your students."

    Courtney Love
  • "Thank you we appreciate your time. I also wanted to tell you how much Lauren loves this environment. She has a new appreciation for not only dance but school. Thanks for making school fun and exciting for her and for being such a beautiful person. Lauren just loves you and all the girls. The thing she notices the most is how nice everyone is. As a parent I think that’s one of the best qualities a group can have so great job in preparing these lovely dancers to be wonderful people. ♥️"

    Sandra Devaul

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