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The Dallas Conservatory's Year-End Recital


Saturday, May 4, 2024

Dallas Addison Marriott Quorum

Tickets: Those attending the performance will need to purchase a ticket to the event. Tickets are $15 and will give you come-and-go access all day to the performances. Those without tickets will not be allowed into the theater. Performers do not need a ticket. Parents volunteering to help backstage will receive free admission to the event!!

Show Day: Our recital for both Dallas and Frisco campuses will take place on Saturday, May 4 at the Dallas Addison Marriott Quorum, 14901 Dallas Pkwy. We have two shows this year: one show for the youngest primary classes on the “Future Stars Stage”, and one for the classes leveled Petite Ballet and above on the “TDC Main Stage. Here is the information for each show:

TDC Main Stage: Grand Ballroom, Start time 10:00: 2024 TDC Main Stage Show Order.pdf 

Future Stars Stage: Vista Ballroom, Start time 9:30: 2024 Future Stars Show Order.pdf 

You are required to be there 45 minutes before your dancer’s drop off time. For example, if your dancer needs to be at their drop off table at 1:00, you need to arrive at the venue at 12:15. You will drop off your dancer at their designated drop off table in the dressing room at the time listed on the show order document. TDC faculty, staff, and parent volunteers will take the class to the stage when it’s time. We recommend arriving in full hair and make-up, there will be a place to put on your performer’s costume. After your dancer’s class performs, you will pick up your dancer at their assigned drop off table. If your dancer is in multiple classes, there is a designated dressing area. You are welcome to stay for the whole day and enjoy the wonderful show and venue, but your dancer is dismissed once their class is finished on stage.

The show orders include the class, the piece they are performing, drop off times/tables, and performance times. These show orders are set; no changes are able to be made. Please note that at the end of the day there will be a special celebration time filled with a dessert bar, raffles, games, and a silent auction benefiting some very special dancers 5:15-6:00 followed by an incredible musical theater performance by our acting department at 6:00. We would love you and your family to stay, or come back and celebrate with us if your dancer performs earlier in the day! 

Volunteers: We can’t pull off a show of this scale without your help! We need 1-2 parent volunteers for each class to help things run smoothly. Being a parent volunteer couldn’t be easier and you get free admission to the show! Your responsibilities are: waiting at the drop off table for the class to arrive, helping change their shoes, helping walk the to the stage, and waiting with the class after they perform until everyone has been picked up. That’s it! As soon as the dancers are lined up, you join your family and friends in the ballroom to watch your dancer perform, so you won’t miss a thing!  

If you are interested in being your class’ volunteer, please fill in your name next to your class: Parent Volunteer Form 2024

Costumes: We are starting to distribute costumes in class. If your dancer has not received their costume yet, don’t panic! There are over 1,500 costumes and we’re still sorting through the shipments and labeling them for each class, so it might be a few more weeks before yours is passed out. Once you have your costume, please don’t let your child wear it at home! There is no time to order a new one if yours gets ripped or stained, so the costume will need to stay in the bag or on a hanger until showtime (except for picture day if you have a time slot reserved).

Room Block: We have secured a block of rooms for anyone that would like the convenience of staying onsite for the performance! Rooms are $159/night and can be booked for either Friday, Saturday or both.  To book your room simply calling (972) 661-2800 and requesting The Dallas Conservatory Rate or by using this HOTEL RESERVATION LINK.  No charges to your card will be processed until check-in. There will also be free parking available for all audience members of the show.  

Recital Portraits:  Make sure you sign up for a recital portrait to commemorate this special day! Portraits will be taken by Lauren Guy Photography.

Flowers: Celebrate your dancer! Beautiful bouquets from Fleurs & Events may be ordered through this form and picked up on the day of the show at the venue. To order, please fill out the Recital 2024 Bouquet Order Form. The last day to pre-order bouquets is April 25th, 2024 so don’t wait!

Playbill Ads: Each year, excited young dancers are thrilled to open the Recital Playbill and see their very own photo in it, with a sweet note from someone special! Let us put together your note! A quarter-page is only $50 and can mean so much! ❤️ We will put it together for you. Just submit a photo and a few words to the form below. Ad deadline extended to Wednesday, April 24th at noon!

5 and 10 Year Awards: We want to celebrate your dancer! If your dancer has been taking classes with us for 5 or 10 consecutive years please let us know so that we can recognize their achievement no later than April 24th! 

If you have any questions about the show day please don’t hesitate to reach out to recital@thedallasconservatory.org