Daily Schedule


*Additional Fee


  • Studios remain open for Private Lessons and rehearsals.
  • Students use the long weekend to study, rehearse, and/or schedule travel / conventions / competitions / intensives / auditions.


Attendance is vital for a student to make the most of his or her education. Because of the unusual demands of a pre-professional student, however, some leeway is permitted at TDC. Parental communication with the school is key to our students’ success. An absence that occurs without proper communication as outlined below will be considered unexcused, and is subject to detention.  Students must be in attendance 90% of our school year regardless of the type of absence. Those not in compliance will be brought up for review.

EXCUSED PROFESSIONAL ABSENCES:  TDC permits absences related to professional work and training.  Please let the school know of any absence via email (Attendance@TheDallasConservatory.org) as soon as the event is scheduled (i.e. an audition or convention), and no later than 8:00 AM on the day of the absence.

EXCUSED ABSENCES:  Illness, doctor appointments, family emergencies, and approved family travel should follow the written policy outlined above.

TARDINESS:  Tardiness is viewed as a disruption to the classroom environment for all concerned. For each instance of tardiness beginning with 5th in a single school year, the student will be required to report to a supervised study hall at 8:00 AM.  

No refunds will be given for missed school days.  No make-up classes will be given for any training classes missed. All tardies and absences will be recorded and forwarded monthly to the Artistic and Managing Directors.


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